I’m sorry

I trust you. I trust you with everything you do but sometimes there are things i can’t say to you cause i’m afraid of your reaction. I’m afraid that one day we will get in an argument and you will just leave . I don’t want that to happen. There are things that I can’t say to you. Sometimes I say i’m fine but inside there is something that hurts me a lot. I’m the type of person who keeps things inside. I can’t express my feelings cause i’m afraid of the outcome. I wanna be the kind of boyfriend where you are free to do as you please but sometimes i want to keep you from talking to other guys cause it hurts seeing you having so much fun talking to them. I don’t like it. I”m the kind of guy who is very demanding cause that’s how it was when i was growing up that’s how my family was they never asked politely. I’ve stopped doing that and i feels that that is good for me. There is so much I want to tell you but the thing is i can’t I don’t know how to say it. Fuck why is this so hard for me to do! You won’t tell me my bad points and i find that okay but i want to know so i can change that cause its not helping us right now its just hurting you and that’s the thing i did not want to happen i never want to hurt you but as of now i’ve hurt you more than ever. I know i’m not that great but i try . I try to do things for thegood but i guess its the other way around. I’m sorry i was talking to a girl at night while you were sleeping but she needed my help and you know that im a really nice guy i decided to help her not knowing that you would be hurt…. I never meant to hurt you that wasn’t my intentness to hurt you so badly. I guess i wasn’t ready for this cause i can’t even keep myself from hurting you… I know it will take more than an apology for you to forgive me. If thats the case bring it on I will fight to get you back. I will do whatever it take for us to be way we were back then.. I’m sorry for everything i did to you. You deserve better cause obviously I cant do it…..